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Clare [userpic]
Jennifer Morrison Manip
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at October 14th, 2006 (05:46 pm)
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The original picture of Keira was lovely so I thought I'd give it a shot making a manip


Comments always appreciated :)

Clare [userpic]
23 huge textures
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at October 2nd, 2006 (09:44 pm)

I was going to upload these all as a zip file, but it was huge, so I thought I'd put them up on Photobucket so you can all take what you'd like.

23 soft colour textures all 1600x1200.


See all 23 of them on my Photobucket account here

Clare [userpic]
20 House icons
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at September 30th, 2006 (06:37 pm)

current mood: hungry

I've been experimenting with creating actions to achive colouring in icons (see my last post here if you're interested in the finished actions) so I thought I'd share what I've been creating.


*Spoiler images for season 3*

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Clare [userpic]
Icon colouring actions
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at September 30th, 2006 (06:22 pm)

current song: Anna Nalick - Catalyst

Something a little different. I hope they can be useful for someone :) 1 Action set containing 10 actions for colouring icons. I've made these in Photoshop CS2, I'm not sure if they'll work in other versions or not *sorry*

*ETA* I've tried the actions in PS7 and PS5.5. They work okay in PS7 (but you'll need to click okay when it prompts you to create a new doc), and unfortunatley they don't work in 5.5.*ETA*

I've zipped the file because my hosting seems to have difficulty with accepting .atn files so the file is tiny (less than 2kb!), you'll need to unzip the file with something like winzip first.

How to use the actions
1. Open the image you wish to use for your icon
2. Create a new image 200x200 px (RGB Mode)
3. Copy your desired image onto a new layer. This layer must be called Layer 1 for the actions to work, if you're just placing the image into the new document it should do that for you anyway.
4. If your 'Actions' pallette isn't showing, go Window and make sure there's a tick next to Actions
5. Using the menu on the Actions pallette choose Load Actions
6. Select the Colourins.atn file to load the actions
7. Simply click the action you want to use and click the play icon

It will then run the action and leave you with a 100x100 image.

Download colouring actions

Some examples created with the actions:

More can be found Here

Please let me know if you're taking them, and how they worked out for you :)

Clare [userpic]
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at September 24th, 2006 (08:38 pm)

current mood: hot

*hehe* This was such a change from my 'normal' style, it was so much fun to make.

Pics: Florian Schenider
Brushes: Juvenilecasualty, Funeral Monster, Moargh.de, Comatose.nu and Papercuts.
Fonts: CrapMagnet and Georgia.

Oh, and I do have quite a few brush sets, textures, stocks and gradient sets to sort out and share with you all. Shuld be coming soon!

Clare [userpic]
Challenge idea
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at September 17th, 2006 (05:52 pm)

I'm working on a few resources at the moment but I've got an idea that's been brewing for a few weeks now so I thought I'd see the response from other people :)

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a month challenge? Where there's a new prompt each day (in this instance with it being art something like a different brush set or texture) with which to create a piece of art?

You wouldn't have to make something everyday, but you could if you wanted too.

So yes, I was just after a indication of if people would be interested. If you would be leave me a comment and I'll see if people are up for it.

Clare [userpic]
16 more animated icons
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at September 1st, 2006 (12:59 am)

current mood: bouncy

I thought it was time to stop when Photoshop refused to open any more files! Probably a good idea anyway considering I should be in bed as we've got a long drive tomorrow (to see Rocco Deluca & The Burden *g*)

16 more animated icons from the S2 Blooper Reel and Valley Girl clips, my others can be found here. Again please comment if you're taking, credit when using and enjoy :)


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Clare [userpic]
15 animated icons
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at August 26th, 2006 (02:57 pm)

current mood: discontent

All from from the S2 Blooper Reel and Valley Girl clips. I'm working on quite a few others, just had to take a break from them so I thought I'd share the first ones I've done :)

Please comment if you're taking and remember to credit, but most of all enjoy!

Let me know if you'd like some other text on any of them. I made sure I kept my files this time :P


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Clare [userpic]
6 Stock Pics
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at August 20th, 2006 (05:17 pm)
current song: Call The Police - James Morrison

I took my digital camera to the park with me this afternoon and took a few pictures :)

The pics are 1200x1600 so I've just added thumbnails under the cut, just click them to see the full size pics. I'd love to see what you use them for if you do, or opinions of other stocks you might like to see.

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Clare [userpic]
Wedding flower brushes
by Clare (cosmo_mouse)
at July 25th, 2006 (08:14 pm)

Now these ones are rather special to me! They're created from the embroidery detail on my wedding dress, and I've had one of the designs tattooed on my back this afternoon (my first!) The brushes are pretty huge, the biggest has a diameter of around 1100, but you can always scale them down to fit. Because they're rather big, the preview doesn't show them at all so I've posted another bigger pic of one (the one now on my back) so you can see the full effect.

24 brushes created in PSCS2

Brushes zip // Image Pack

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